The Lever


The Lever aims to open up healthy and respectful reflection in our denomination on the Bible’s role in our identity and decision making. We want us all to be moved by the fulcrum of the Biblical Gospel – the unmoving centre of the Apostolic witness to Jesus – and to revolve around that centre, and derive our power from that centre. The journal aims to be a biblical, loving, robust lever for such aims.

Back issues of The Lever will become available online some months after publication. Some individual articles can also be downloaded. Just click on the highlighted links below. Issues 1 to 3 focus in turn on what it is to be Evangelical, Protestant and Baptist. Issues 4 & 6 address issues surrounding the nature of our life as an association of Baptist churches. Issue 5’s theme is the pastor’s role.

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Issue 8 Autumn 2013

  • Two Kinds of ‘Cross-Centred’, by David Starling
  • ‘…the Messiah is to suffer…’, by Anthony Petterson
  • At the Foot(note) of the Cross, by Hefin Jones
  • Book Review: The Cross is Not Enough, by Rod Bayley
  • A Good Friday Sermon, by Matthew Arkapaw

Issue 7 Summer 2012

  • Good Fences, Good Neighbours, by David Starling
  • Interview with John Buckle
  • Dear Abby/The Lever, by Anonymous
  • The Price of Love: a Sunday sermon, by Matthew Arkapaw

Issue 6 Summer 2011

  • Denominational Directions, by David Starling
  • Denominational Definitions, by Matthew Arkapaw
  • Denominational Debate, by David Starling
  • Denominational Data, by Matthew Arkapaw
  • Denominational Dollars, by Anthony Petterson
  • Review: A New Kind of Baptist Church, by Hefin Jones

Issue 5 Autumn 2010

  • The Workman Unashamed, by Timothy Blencowe
  • The Pastor as Exemplar, by Murray Campbell
  • Book Review, the Pastor as Trainer, by Rod Bayley
  • The Pastor as Pastor, by Matt Arkapaw

Issue 4 Winter 2009

  • Four Questions, by David Starling
  • Are Doctrinal Confessions Un-Baptist? by Hefin Jones
  • Autonomy & Association: A tension worth preserving! by Philip Calman
  • In Joyful Assembly, by David Starling
  • Book Review: Hit the Bullseye, by Matthew Arkapaw

Issue 3 Spring 2008

  • What have Baptists said about Baptist Identity? by Matthew Arkapaw
  • Book Review: From Woollamaloo to Eternity, by Michael Chavura
  • Exposition: Colossians 2:8-15, by John Piper

Issue 2 Autumn 2008

  • How Should We Respond to World Youth Day?, By Anthony Petterson
  • Book Reviews: Catholicism Today and Tomorrow, By Hefin Jones
  • Interview with Ray Galea

Issue 1 Spring 2007

  • What Is An Evangelical? …an experiment in definition, By David Starling
  • Baptists and Evangelicalism, By Michael Chavura
  • Book Review: Evangelicalism Divided, By Philip Calman
  • Book Review: Going the Distance, By Matthew Arkapaw